April 26, 2009

Despite one of the shittiest mornings I've had in a long-long time, I had a GREAT day! :) Fabulous weather, the park and the bustling crazyness of I-House followed by lounging on a blanket in the shade with my friends. And then long, soul-searching conversations with a couple of friends later I reached home feeling much-much better with life in general. Laughter, my loves, is very very good for my soul. So are my friends who I will miss - VERY MUCH - when I'm forced to leave here. Moving on is so very, very painful nearly all the time isn't it? One would think the amount of movign on I've done: from relationships, from places, from people, I'd take it on the chin like a big girl but I don't. But for today we forget the depressing stuff as we make fun of each other, sing crazy songs, play insanely competive games and then - exhausted - just lie down on the grass using each other for pillows and back-rests and relax. Life, in these moments, feels almost perfect.

Incidentally, Bloody thesis has not been touched. I think ignoring it for a while worked though, it feels more inclined to cooperate with me today than yesterday. Which does not mean that I should ignore it some more and go downtown to Mansion, a crazy fun night club that B wants to go to. I'm tempted, but bloody thesis is a force to reckoned with, should not be treated lightly. But then again, crazy-fun-nightclub should be, err, crazy, and fun. Sigh. Decisions, decisions.

*Kya karein, kya na karein, yeh kaise mushkil hai!*

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