April 8, 2009

At the end of the day the only lasting damage

that you, and our relationship, have done

is that you have somehow

convinced me that I

was just not



Maryam said...

Bull. Shit. Or as Kasana's started influencing me, tatti.

NO, YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THAT. What is WRONG with you two?!

ordered-chaos said...

they tell me thats not true too, they also tell me someday it will be different, I have yet to see 'somedsy' and till then nothing they say matters

Ali said...

I can relate. Intensely. I might need to start stalking ordered chaos ab.

mittsophy said...

when everything's said and done, we conveniently resign to ' it-wasn't-meant-to-be', instead of 'but-wasn't-not-meant-to-be-either'.

OnLY OnE..! said...

I can totally relate.

Its sad when bad relationships can do this to us in SUCH a short period of time when it has pretty much taken us our entire life to believe otherwise.

sad haina?

ordered-chaos said...

li, I already believe this, probably the only thing I believe ,beware, this maybe contagious.

mittsophy when we believe the latter, it sucks more, take my word I wish I could believe the former instead of screaming out the latter.

Apologies X for making this more like on of the fb status conversations but this struck too close to home :(

Marina said...

Never, ever give someone the power to believe you are lesser than lovable, lesser than wonderful. Never, ever, ever. You're a wonderful person Xeb. And I can say this without ever having spoken to you.