March 14, 2009

You know, if at the end of the day, I remain single and un-wed it is definitely not for absence of choice! Today's marriage proposal comes from the Jordanian guy behind the counter at 'Olive Tree Deli'. He thinks its a shame I'm not married yet, but he is not either, and he thinks I am the most beautiful Pakistani girl he's ever seen. I itched to ask him how many Pakistani girls he's 'ever seen' but I decided in the interests of preserving self's ego to keep silent. I also wondered, given that since he is Middle Eastern (though not Egyptian), how many camels he thinks I am worth, but again I held my tongue! Whereas I have not given him an answer yet, I suppose the fact that he makes the yummiest hazelnut coffee I have ever had would have to count for something. No? :P

I think I'm going to maintain a score-sheet now and document the, err, scratches on my ring-finger to prove to my brothers' grandchildren that I did NOT remain a sad-ass spinster simply because no one was interested in me! :P Let future generations know that I, instead, committed the ultimate sin of 'being too choosy'.

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