March 2, 2009

Today's tagline is: "What the Fuck!"

There are days you wake up with little sleep intending to work on the-bloody-thesis-which-doesn't-start-so-it-may-never-finish, and a series of WTF moments await you. To spell it out for those who don't do so well with veiled sentiments, today is such a day. In chronological order, I present:

"There's no reason for you to call and find out if I'm okay, I've only been missing for a day!"

Idiotic, ungrateful men, what the hell do they want from me? If I care then I worry. And if I don't worry, it means I don't give a shit. Pick one, stick with it. I can't be bothered trying to be anything other than what I am. And missing is missing, a day, a week, a month - if I didn't care it would all be the same thing. So, WTF do you want?

Our asinine President (yes I love my country but the sentiment does NOT extend to Mr. Zardari) has come forth with yet another decree-which-will-screw-us-over-because-you-have-no-brains, something along the lines of decentralized 'justice', the idea of 'decentralized courts'. The question is Mr. Zardari, is blasphemy a 'minor', 'grassroot' offence? WTF!

Oh yea, so I've been told by-someone-who-knows-these-things that in order for me to be happy and live the perfect life and have the perfect future with the perfect career and perfect kids, my future husband should be an accountant. Which would be okay, except ever since I've been sensitized to the fact, accountants are crawling out of the fucking woodwork. I just got an 'introductory email' from yet another man (who seems quite normal on the face of it) but turns out to be *drumroll* a Chartered Accountant who manages a *drumroll* hedge fund. So, Mr-Destiny-Predictor how am I supposed to sift through bags of accountants to find 'the one' with whom my perfect future life is to be linked?!? And why, WHY do fresh accountants keep popping into the picture!??! Truly, WTF!

I just yelled at my mom for no reason whatsover, then burst out crying and now I can't stop. WTF, WTF, WTF??!?!


Ali said...

mogambo is an MBA and therefore knows some accounting. Mogambo writes well sometimes and and usually smells rather nice too. And just for the record, me and my mom cook TOGETHER. We're food buddies. :-p


P.s. Word verification is 'ainal' interesting phonetic
implications, yes? :-p

Xeb said...

Hmmm, I think, if Mogambo were to pass the cooking test, Mogambo might just do... is Mogambo also rich, impossibly good-looking, a great dancer and prepared to worship-ground-I-walk-on?

Ps: I have no control over word verification, promise! :P

Marina said...

*offers amazing chocolate of your choice and tissues*

Ali said...

mogambo has been told that he is not bad looking at all. Not too rich, unfortunately, but I have plans- as you must have read on my blog. :-D

Xeb said...

Marina: Thankyou! *sniff*

Ali: I have better plans! ;) Want to form a get-rich consortium?

Ali said...

*thinks hard, making intense, constipated expressions*

After much thorough analyses regarding your proposal which included observation of both micro and macro backgrounds, the international socioeconomic situation as well as a 'gandinazar' type analysis of your dp, I would like to inform you that my response to your relevant query is...

... OK. :D