March 2, 2009

Tazeen, a fellow blogger, has written a very compelling, five-part satyric commentary on Pakistan's possible future for a column published by Dawn newspaper. These can also be found on Tazeen's blog: A Reluctant Mind. I've been following her writing (blog primarily) for a few weeks now (ever since I re-emerged into the blogosphere) and I've been in parts thoroughly amused, and in parts completely horrified by the picture she paints primarily because of how 'real' this farcical future sounds.

Today, I came across an article in an Indian newspaper, The Hindu News, that covered Tazeen's work and quoted from it to highlight a possible future for Pakistan. And again by Zee News both of whom highlight the fact that a 'Pakistani' blogger wrote these articles. They have used one particular peice, one on the religious future of Pakistan picked up some of the choicest quotes and put them out there in black and white, - and in my opinion - thoroughly out of context. I have no idea how Tazeen will feel about this, but I - for one - feel both offended and annoyed at seeing articles I have enjoyed and appreciated as a Pakistani be utilized by an Indian audience as a tool to denigrate my country.

God knows we have our share of problems, more - possibly - than we've ever had before. And we - those who belong to it, who grew up in it, and who love it - critisize our country harshly because it's a byproduct of what we feel. But no other country, no other citizen, no other nationality has the right to misuse what we write, what we say, what we feel to denigrate us, and ours. At the end of the day, whether we like it or not, we're Pakistani. And only WE can critisize what's ours.

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