March 12, 2009

Pet Peeves for the Day:

1. Skinny women who announce publicly how 'fatttt' they are, only because they fully expect all around them to fervently deny their fatness and elaborate on how perfectly beautiful (and so NOT fat) they are. I want to smack them, and tell them to stop acting like emaciated attention-seekers. And please, leave the whining about excess weight to those of us who actually DO have something to complain about.

2. Anybody who asks me how my paper is going, how far along I am and what I am I doing later tonight/tomorrow/this weekend/for spring break/rest of my life. Please go practice your sadism elsewhere, otherwise I shall forced to give in to my baser instincts and take the bluntest spoon I can find and proceed to carve your heart out with it. If after that, you still want to know how many words I've written, I may just take a fork and stab you in the eyes. Repeatedly.

3. Politics. Why oh why, I wonder, are the people who live in a 'democratic' country whining about the (insane) decisions of the (insane) President that they voted in power? It's okay people the bright side is, there is a lesson to be learned here. Assuming that we even have a country four years from now, we now know that we should 'not' elect illiterate (insane) idiots into office simply because they're riding on the shoulders of their dead wife.

4. You. I hate you.


Natasha said...

hahaha i loved it :D

Maryam said...

3. Blekh
4. Um.

Tinuviel said...


*stalks blog henceforth*

Ali said...

gandi baat *high five*

Xeb said...

Natasha: *bows*

Maryam: On point 4. Trust me, if you knew him, you'd hate him too! :P

Tinuviel: :)

Ali: *smack*