March 28, 2009

I wonder in what version of Islam is it justified to detonate a bomb in the house of Allah?

I wonder in what version of humanity is it permissible to kill seventy innocent people?

I wonder what definition of courage wages war on the helpless?

I wonder what kind of strength it takes to look people in the eye knowing that you are going to kill them a few seconds later?

I wonder what kind of belief promotes wanton destruction?

I wonder what kind of heaven is waiting for those who do these things?


IcInGsUgarGrl said...

what kind of heaven?
hmmm God has given us the gray matter which can truly differentitate right from wrong. what goes into heaven and hell is His business, but for sure we can judge the good and the bad and if this all happenin in the name of religion was any sane, at least i think we'd not be bowing our heads before Allah and living the sane lives we lead.

I thank Lord for the sanity he has bestowed upon me. not everyone is lucky.
indeed i bleed when the rest bleed but I live my life which alhamdullilah has goodies too.
[p.s. the point being i am against the so called do wrong in the name of religion, imposing stuff, and hence my life is blessed truly]

americanising desi said...

I'd agree entired with Icingsugargrl. I mean when we have the sense to decide right and wrong, let us leave heaven and hell for God...
i mean he has created it He knows whom to place in it!

all we gotta care about is making sure our actions are not hurting or causing problems for anyone.
yes the bloodshed and stuff is aching but are we armed to fight against it?

xpresscoffee said...

Being spritual and being religious differentiates the people from lovnig God and inturn loving others and killing people. Those who kill in the name of religion are not spritual , they think they are religious but the truth is they have vaccum of Godliness inside.

- Mr.R