March 27, 2009

it surrounds me
watches me, while I watch it
lay claim to those who are mine
laughing at me with its ugly eyes
a cruel smile on its face.

comes for those I love.
taking them so far beyond my reach
all I can do is reach out helplessly
longing for just one more touch
one more chance
to hear their voice.

the one thing certain
is its inevitability
when, I wonder,
will it come
for me.


E.T said...

Comments are always welcome on my blog. Next time you stop by please do comment :o)

americanising desi said...

wow this is nice.
reminds me of one i wrote as 'silence of death'
but i was posing as a sinner in it :)

siras said...

WOW! Very beautiful! Dark but beautiful! I like! :)

Xeb said...

E.T: Will do :)

A, S: Thank you! :)

Absar Shah said...

If you look at it without reading it, it actually looks a little like a pine cone! :P

Okay, sorry, it's kind of hard to resist dumb jokes for me ;)

Very nice, but if you don't mind me saying - the morbid influence seems a little... incomplete. I mean, how you ended the poem - that was an amazingly touching thought, but it could have had a more morbid feel to it, which would really have (so to say) given this life!

Absar Shah said...

I hope you don't mind, but I just did a quick re-write of the last few lines:

Death -
In all it's certainty,
And in all its infallible justice -
Leaves me in a fading fantasy!
Watching the hands,
As they move closer and closer,
To open it's doors on me!

¤Γœ•B¤ said...

i prefer the orignal one !! that has more raw feelings in it !!