March 18, 2009

All I have to say at the end of *YET* another saga of hope-dreams-illusion-heartbreak is that it's a good thing I find dark humor very, very funny.

And as for you:

I'm petty enough to hope that when you do find the woman you're looking for, the one who you think would make a good mother for your children, the one whose lifestyle matches yours, the one who is not me, when you find her, I hope you realize what you gave up to have her. And I hope, your future happiness is ALWAYS a little bit spoiled by regret for what could have been.
Good bye.


Ali said...

i know what you mean. despite my letting her go and all... i still hope that when they fight and she's upset and down, she thinks about me and all the things i went through to get her love. and i hope that she thinks about me, with a slight twinge of regret.

I am SO in touch with my inner aurat :P

S said...

your post reminded me of the Alanis Morissette song, You Oughta Know.....the lyrics have more less the same gist.....straight from the heart, just more harsh and more painful....
Stay strong. :)

Ali:In touch with your inner aurat!!! That's my boy!!! lol :P I am so relieved to know that boys also think like us. :P

Arunima said...

haha, so nice. but, i don't know if men ever do regret when they find that someone.