February 26, 2009

In theory early to bed sounds like a good idea. Except it inevitably seems to mean early to rise as well. Which would be fine if I looked forward to getting up in the morning and continuing the daily struggle defined as life, but I don't. Every single day I wonder why getting up is such a good thing. Surely the alternate reality of the non-waking state is a better one, all things considered. So, it's 7:44 am right now, and I've been awake for exactly 44 minutes.

7:20am: Bangladesh is apparently Mutiny-ing. The civilian government of Sheikh Hasina may be (yet again) on the verge of collapse. For other details, like people dead and other trivial things, see here.

7:35am: Also, Marriot Islamabad, burnt down again. It's seems like the other side is one up in the 'lets-screw-marriot-over-game'. Nine people have been injured, and ofcourse, explosions were heard somewhere in the background (surprise surprise). If this sort of thing interests you a tiny bit more information (because if nobody - important - died then it's not really worth more than a paragraph of news) is here.

7:50am: A friend of mine has suddenly left the I.House this morning. She lost her job and now she can't afford to live here any more. Hello repurcussions of economic crisis. You're such a good friend now, we see each other every single day.

8:05am: I just got hit on by a CHILD. A friend of a cousin's. What the HELL do you say to that? Thank you for the attention but I haven't stooped to pedophilia yet. WTF?!!

8:09am: I just read the transcript about an annoying conversation (one of a zillion) on how despite the evidence on ground in Pakistan, democracy is a GOOD thing. Fucking brainwashed idiots. Democracy, at the end of the day, is ONE system of social organization. Implying that there can be only one goddamn system implies that there is one basic 'type' of society which is not fucking true. So you know what? Despite the bullshit that you read in the bloody politics books, it just MAY be that there is more in our collective universe than the fucking democratic agenda. Now take of the idiot glasses, look around, and PLEASE deal with it. (Resolve, yet again, to have no more political discussions EVER).

8:13am: Realize part of this morning's bad mood is partially because I've been an idiot. I poured my heart out to someone. In an email, no less. Which I wrote just before going to bed (so I was too sleepy to see what the fuck I was writing and stop myself before it was too late). So now I'm feeling silly and vulnerable. *yay* Good call Kapadia, now when you're whining about how sucky relationships are in the next post you write, please remind yourself that you have no one to blame but yourself.

8:17am: Body hurting all over. I need a massage. No scratch that. I need a new life.

8:21am: A fellow blogger gives his readers something interesting to look at this morning (complete with pretty diagrams) when he describes the impact (in colored zones) of what (and who) would be effected if Lahore or Karachi got nuked. It's not as bad as one would have thought people, if Karachi gets hit tomorrow, only 21 million people or so. Such a relief, and besides most of these people probably deserved to die anyway. That's what happens when you live in a third-world, non-democratic (whoops, didn't we rectify that?), Muslim, terrorist country.

8:26am: I just signed myself out of all IM-ing software. I figure this mood is best not subjected to unsuspecting friends. Now I'm all alone. Brilliant. I LIKE being alone. I LOVE being alone. Who needs company when the world is filled with goodness and joy!?

8:29am: I realize that whereas some of us are worried about death via nuclear bombs, riots and random shooting in other parts of the world police and pet-lovers have spent all day chasing a giant white rabbit. Let me tell you pet lovers that it's a good thing this rabbit is running loose in the UK. Your police (and people) have nothing better to do than to catch it, take it to a veterinary hospital, and look after it. If this rabbit was in Pakistan, we'll kill it. Then we'd eat it. Further proof that we're backward, savage people.

8:32am: Oh, someone out there just figured out Pakistan is in danger of imploding. *joy*

8:40am: Hira just found and sent me the most annoying song in history. Thank you babe. Others days Sajjad Ali's Bulbul would make me laugh. Today, it just makes me want to cry some more.

8:41am: My best friend thinks that I don't want a child, I want a dress-up doll. DOES NO ONE FUCKING TAKE ME SERIOUSLY? And if they don't whose fault is that?

8:46am: Saad just sent me a link to Grimms Fairy Tales. The first I read was called Iron Henry or Frog King. You know, it continues to amaze me how stupid men are. This idiotic frog falls for a vain, stupid, conceited princess enough in love with a golden ball to promise to marry a TALKING FROG (yes, some women will do anything for money). So shallow frog falls for shallow princess who turns out to be not only bling-obsessed, she's fickle to boot and she runs away without froggie darling to return to life as she knows it with papa-dearest. Frog eventually turns up (ofcourse he does, she's so pwetty you know) and insists that she eat with him (doesn't matter that she's gagging on her damn food, it's okay, froggie doesn't expect any better, anddd she's so pwetty you knowww) and then because papa-dearest insists that she keep her word (yes, I know, that's supposed to be the moral of the story but honestly, it's kind of lost on me) she takes the frog to bed (bestiality is apparently fine as long as it means keeping your promise). And ofcourse, since this IS a fairy tale, the princess wakes up to find gorgeous naked man in bed with her instead of Frog (this in itself would be something to celebrate) who is both rich and a king to boot (yes, it seems its true, only money manages to find money at the end of the day). Princess falls in love with him (yes, gorgeous naked man with money, clearly obsessed with pwetty princess, not too much of a stretch here) and decides to marry him (really, she wants to marry a KING?) and the because he finds true lowwe (supressing instant gag reflex here) and the iron bands around his heart break open (too bad the iron cap on top of his brain stays intact) and they get married (ofcourse they do) and live happily ever after.

8:56am: Okay, I HAVE to admit. Dissing out Grimm et al actually did make me feel better! :P Maybe I'm ready for morning coffee now!


heewa said...

ahhhhh. i hope to redeem myself with the other song :P in my defence the bulbul was brought up by you :P and i just got a hold of it :P

Marina said...

GAHAHAHAHAHA! Don't hate me for laughing! I've been cooped up at home all day and this gave me my second real laugh of the day Wonderful post =D