February 28, 2009

The difficult thing to remember when it comes to illusions is that - for the most part - they're self created. The longer they're sustained, the whole-er, more real they become. They also tend to be very beautiful. Illusions allow you to superimpose whatever it is you want to see on your version of reality. And you do. Because you're the kind of person who does not like her current reality very much.

In the beginning there's no problem with that, but unfortunately some of us who enjoy the illusory state, also begin to notice the disconnect with reality. We put off noticing it as long as we can, and when we can't we begin to question. Here, begins the inevitable downfall.

Love, is somewhat like religion. In order to truly 'be' in love, you need to have faith, you need to have trust and you need to be completely and utterly immersed in the illusion you create (with a little help from the other side). It's only if something jars you, wakes you up, throws you to the ground, opens your eyes and you really 'see' you realize that what you were blurring your vision was nice, but false.

It was also, entirely your own fault. For being seduced by words, and dreams and the beautiful promise of what could be. What 'is' is nothing. The day you understand that, you may not be any happier, but you will escape the shattering pain that accompanies every single disillusionment. It's a trade off, but in some ways it may be worth it.

What would be nice though, is to be a different sort of person. The kind with their head buried so deep in the sand the illusion becomes their reality. And I 'am' that kind of person. Just, unfortunately, not all the time.

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Marina said...

'Love is somehwat like religion'. Good analogy.
I wish I was that kind of person too. End up coming back to reality every single time.