January 8, 2009

My first birthday wish this year came to me in the form of an email. I don't know if I should be buying its contents or not, but suffice it to say that the 20 mins or more I spent wondering (wishing) where it was true (or not) really did make my day. :D So much so that I stopped wondering and decide to accept that some times I really CAN stop questioning and just ENJOY the moment for what it is.

And in the spirit of that, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present, my first 26th birthday wish:

fromJohn Abraham
dateThu, Jan 8, 2009 at 8:38 AM
subjectBirthday wishes

hide details 8:38 AM (34 minutes ago)

Dear Xainab,

Hope you are doing well at Columbia College. Happy Birthday!

Although I do not know you personally, I am sending you these wishes because of a bet with a mutual friend. I knew him from my time pursuing my MMS in Mumbai. He said this would make your day.

Judging from what our friend told me, you know of me. He shared your "to do" list on facebook (hope that is ok) and am flattered. Please do not take this the wrong way, and please, do not turn out to be another crazy stalker. Please. Also, this goes without saying, do not share this email address or the contents of this email.

Hope you have a wonderful day and let my friend know that this email did reach you. He thinks you will figure out who it is.

- J A

PS: Interesting name.


heewa said...

xainabbbbbb OMFGGGGGGGG
this did NOT happen, did it????

hahah btw if you're wondering who i am, i send you music :P

but wowwwww. so cool.

Arunima said...

oh my God, John Abraham write mails?

Teri pahoonch bahut lambi hai yaar.

Xeb said...

I have no clue if he did or not, I suspect it was a joke, a nice one, but a joke nevertheless! :)