September 28, 2008

This whole 'assisted' (the best pseudonym for arranged I've come across thus far) is like a race. There is a finite group of men and women (refer to Bohra Singles groups on Facebook for further information if curious) and they each want the: best looking, best personality, best job, most money and so on. Now the thing is, in a finite sample of men and women (and the gender balance is skewed it seems in favor of men: there are more women than men in this market) the strategies behind the machinations become synonymous to that of any movement of strategic warfare. The question is fairly simple: How does one get to the object of interest is the most ummm interesting way? How does one retain object of interest's interest? Given that object of interest has much the same concerns how do you prevent object of interest from being interested in anyone else?

So, at the end of the day? How do you become the most interesting commodity on the group where everyone has the same interests?

Strategies anyone?!


ordered-chaos said...

IF you figure out a workable solution, SHARE!

Rabia said...

btw this is not a bohri restricted phenomena...seems to be happening in every freakin group. oh btw, guess what, im officially over the hill in 4 months! hehehe tick tick my friend