September 16, 2008

Sach kehte hain log:

tu nahin,

to koi aur sahi,

but what a pity.

I fell for you

so naturally,

you needed to play

fast and loose with me,

for my taste in men usually

sucks, quite abysmally

And what they say is true,


tu nahin,

to koi aur sahi,

but what a pity, what a pity! ;)


Saad said...

truck poetry! you're very talented!
if all else fails, Khalid Chamak Patti Wala is looking for some original work for his truck and mini-bus business.

Xeb said...

Hahahah haina?

I was so proud of myself! ;) It is truly a work of a geni-ass!!! :D

Arunima said...

too good. This definitely deserves the award. please display it. :-)

marriage stops me from writing all these though I have many such ideas and thoughts. wink wink!

Arunima said...

do a 'save as' and save the image locally. After that upload it in your blog like any other image.

The most important part is linking back to me. ha ha ha :-)

ordered-chaos said...

poetry ka to pata nai but the ""what a pity"" bit is so true. we are our own worst nemesis!