August 30, 2008

As I was telling Saad just a little while ago, I landed in NY with the mistaken belief that distance would be good for me. Since nothing here would be directly associated with my family I'd be better off. And I faithfully maintained this assumption for two days before I royally crashed and burned.

And here I am keenly aware that memories have no spacio-temporal limitations. And that pain does not go away, it subsides, and then comes rushing back with even more force than before. Pain is like the sea that way. And I, my love, am a Tsunami victim.

Welcome to my new blog. It's here because I refuse to go back to the old one. Irrevocable changes demand irrevocable changes methinks.


Annie said...

So this is how it started, eh?..

Xeb said...

Irrevocable changes demand irrevocable changes.

My father was killed that summer.